Tangled Vines

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

To break through the darkness, into the fresh sunlight
To press ever upwards towards the light so bright
Twisting and turning and stretching arms out wide
Climbing pushing ever upwards, no more time to bide

Nothing can stop the growth, forever on and up
Until you wrapped around me and drank from the same cup
Your arms held me tight you began to share my growth
There is no telling one from the other, we have become both…

Like a twisting tangled vine, two parts but one another
There is no separating without harm caused to each other
Knitted together forever, in a loving tangled mess
Sharing the same support, having each other to bless.

When autumn comes and our leaves age and fall
Remember vines are perennial and will grow on again so tall
Holding on to each other our vines will then bear fruit
Each year they grow stronger and none can then uproot.

© 19/07/2013 ~GG~