Life at crossroads

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo

I sat forlorn in this lonely path
That welcomes no passerby
With my thoughts in my hands
Wondering where the road led.

A Flash back of my life
Came in front of my eyes
Mental afflictions burned into my retina
Every page turned a scar.

Life had become a battleground
Fiercest of its kind
Many Judases were on stand by
To sell out for a piece of gold.

My life was standing on a cliff face
My only escape route turned a blind alley
I was facing the dreadful face of the Rubicon
I was vulnerable to my aberrations.

When I looked up I saw unending walls 
As tall as Buri Khalifa
As fortified as Great Wall of China
Many desires yet unfulfilled.

When I looked down I saw no imprint
To lead me to where I should go
My veteran armor had deserted me
I exiled into my own soul.

I walked through the stop signs
I needed two Knights, to be saved: 
One for my mortal soul
The other for my immortal soul.

I called out to my Maker:
Where is the object of my existence?
Where does this lonely path lead?
I was waiting for some answers!

I knew I needed to hold his horses
But I was losing my grip
My hands were slippery
All I could see was gloom and doom.

I ended up sloshed though I tried to be sober
With my ambitions in my pocket
I ferried through the realm of faeries
I land up in nirvana.

I felt a magical hand pulling me up
And a voice letting me know
That everything would be alright
That was the mark from beyond, I needed.

All was a lesson that left indelible scars
I’ve learnt verily in my heart and soul
The lessons I needed to move on
I’ll wear the scars forever.

My yesterday went like a dream
Today comes, but with a hope
Tomorrow becomes a vision
And future beholds happiness.