Sacred Battlefields

Written by: Melody Coster

Sacred battlefields, ages old
land now silent as death itself
bodies that lie where strewn in battle
become one with the earth for all eternity.
Mighty lands once cloaked in beauty
now lie covered in the life's blood
of brave men, who with their last breath
fight to defend that which they have known
and believed since birth
that to die for ones belief(s) is true and just.
This, a warriors creed, his one constant
held within his very soul through the ages.
Deaths blackened sting knows no boundaries
all soon fall prey to its deadly siren call
his life's travels have all led to this same end.
With  battle sword raised to the heavens
a warriors fierce battle cry, forged out of anger
echoes across the land for all to heed.
The battle raged on through days end
few left standing ...  brave men all
with fighting strength expended
freely given to protect, for the future
the same ancient lands, borne of his ancestors
upon which he stands today.