Written by: Kevin Robey

Horizons (Birthday Cake)
June 26, 2013 (Revised February 11, 2014)
by Kevin Robey

Through my numbness at night
I won’t give up the fight
Toes can't feel the cold
So let these words unfold

These timeless hands that brought you here
The days without you nowhere near
One last breath held under the surface
Horizons of bliss that we almost missed

We'll slay the demons that never deform
These worn-out dreams that now keep me warm
As we turn the page surrounded by haze
Free of regrets in the best of our days

The disconnected dots now seem too real
Just give me a pen, you'll feel what I feel
But if the air has gone, I'll hold my breath
Squeeze till I burst, what a beautiful death

What happens next is beyond my control
I'll give you my heart, just don't take my soul
All we have left is the air we breathe now
Lasting as long as our fate will allow

Tears realize I can't dream in your eyes
Or hold you close when I sleep at night
I’m coming home soon, just don't know when
I can't promise you that I'll find you again

Reels of our ghosts flashing every day
Sunshine razor blades that lead me astray
Won't forget these nights alone in the cold
Holding you close when we’re gray and old

Pieces of you and how I'm meant to be
All that I need to fix the broken sides of me
This is the light I found between the seams
Like the brightest eyes ever seen in a dream

After all of this time
I'll take what is mine
Through cracked window blinds
My bright eyes redesigned

[wrote this in a cabin in new hampshire, working at a summer camp]