i will

Written by: maxwell collier

i never say i can, but i know i say i will, i was born inside of gold, but now im living on a hill, i may just be insane, but i do not need a pill, i dont know how i can build, but i am using a drill. i do not eat alot, but i know i got my fill, cause i lived there once or twice, now i have to pay the bill, people moving by so fast, but this life of mine is still, i was walking through the woods, now im sitting on a sill. i spent my money on my mind, now i am all out of till, i am sick not like the flu, but i am mentally ill, my life is boring like a game, but with flavor like a dill, i will not cry over my milk, but i did just make a spill. my life is funny like a joke, but i dont know how to kill, my mind is jumbled like some blocks, my heart is gathered like some frill, the whisper will lower voice, while the scream it will be shrill, from hear on out im on my own, and im headed towards the mill.