Tangled Vines

Written by: Joe Flach

Relationships are like ivy -
        Changing directions;
            Clinging to the objects around them.

Sometimes, they enhance and beautify the host that they adorn.
Sometimes, they choke and completely devour the host in its entirety.

Each of us sprouts many vines over a lifetime.
	Some that last forever;
		Some for only a season or two;
			Some of which never really take hold.

And, seldom do our vines stand alone.

Our vines get tangled amongst themselves and weave webs with vines from others.

It is often difficult to tell which vines are healthy,
	which vines are sickly,
		which vines are beneficial to the host, and
			which vines are detrimental.

Some tangled vines live harmoniously;
	while others struggle to co-exist.
Some tangled vines encourage growth of each other;
	while others repel and seek  other surroundings.

Take care of your tangled vines.
    Identify those that are healthy and keep them so;
    Recognize those that are sickly and assess whether or not they can be saved;
    Detach yourself from those that are damaged and not worth the time to cultivate.

Too many vines require too much care at the expense of all.
Too few vines puts us at risk of being alone should the host perish.

Should our vines tangle, I hope that we can flourish together and in tandem help our host to improve with age and be a better being as a result of our synergies.

Relationships are like ivy.  May yours always be beautiful and strong.

Written and posted on 7/15/2013