The Kings Child

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

The Kings Child A parable about a dying planet Withering away and parched Had a miracle inside full of life As its surface began to split apart The mother planet started to push The living planet into the atmosphere To protect the life inside no one could see Sending it into a galaxy where it could flourish Entrusting it into the hands of Stewarts Who promised to care for its well-being Something has gone very wrong over time Nature is angry over the loss of her young What if we had kept our promises Caring for the earth not vandalizing it What if we only took what we needed Not plucking every mineral from its core What would the earth be like today In your minds and hearts if we kept Our promises to share her wealth not hoard it I believe we would all be wealthy void of struggle There would not be poverty and starvation Greed is the poison that entered our thoughts Creating a destructive force that has reached The bowels of the land preparing it for destruction What If…? Carole Cookie Arnold