Compassions Lead

Written by: cortney bartholomew

the father in whom you work for to receive,
is your heavenly father above all of these,
no one on earth can give you the same,
to connect you to his heart in so many ways,
the rush in his wind, in his peaceful still on your knees,
that takes you away from all the world's atrocities,
yet together we can see and identify,
his love opens the door to our hearts to realize,
and no greater love is this than to lay down your life for your brother,
for you know in your heart it's done for the love of your father,
compassion leads us to new stages in life,
loves transformations that come alive,
right in the very midst of its moving,
sometimes at a pace so fast, we can't see what's it doing,
or where the wind takes us to change our hearts view,
the turn of the heart stripping us from the old to the new.