In Search Of Me

Written by: Lillie Williams

I awaken from my sleep one morning
In search of poor old me
Where have I gone?
Where shall I be?
I walked over to the mirror and
I couldn't believe my eyes
There stood a selfish woman
With unspeakable pride

I went in the living room and
Jealously walked out of the kitchen
Something is terribly wrong; because
Hate was washing the dishes
I went in the bathroom
I just knew I was in the tub
I raised the shower curtain and
Stupid was making suds

I said excuse me Mr., Stupid
I am in search of me
I have been looking and looking
But where I am, I cannot see
He said did you look in the closet
You are sure to find you there
Among all the cloths, the glare,
And the heart that just don’t care

I know I am in here somewhere
But where can I be?
So much stuff in the way
My eyes find it hard to see
Somewhere in the den I saw
Crazy hanging from the wall
And envy danced a jig
Walking down the hall
Judging sat on the sofa 
Making a phone call
While peace breaker laugh
And had himself a ball

My head hung in shame
No wonder I am lost
Backbiting sat in the corner
Eating cinnamon apple sauce
Oh my God! No wonder
My search is in vain
No wonder I am hid and
Can’t find a thing

I started out this morning
In search of me
Never thought I would find
So much junk to see
Now that I know what 
It takes to clear the air
Seven days a week in
My life will be PRAYER!!!!