Written by: daver austin


the going is steep –
twenty-five percent grade –
twelve miles to the top

legs tire already
we plan to go half way up
to where the trees stop

from there only rock
and no beauty in the climb
we brought a feast

some four miles along
we happen on a meadow,
all nature at peace,

and this silver stream
directly across the path
glistening the rocks

wonderful to be
on this perfect forest glade
we shuck shoes and sox,

roll the pebbles round
wash our aching arms and legs
and luxuriate

then we see a fawn
standing by the wooded edge
feasting without fear

in such surroundings –
this hidden mountain haven –
we sense god is near

no continuing
timberline will have to wait
other time and date

From Manitou Springs
Barr Trail goes to the top of Pike's Peak