Written by: Rahman Henry

Returning from Carnival
I realized__
Death herself wearing a cute mask
Danced all the night long
And made me dance too! 

It's possible to have festivals...
Erasing festivals from thousands of lives
Till now it's possible to have
Festivals like these; 

I realized, none but death is beautiful; 
In the midst of a glittering darkness
Where multicolor bulbs are shining__
Death is fond of dancing, 
mare amazing! 

Death is like those festive and joyous countries; 
And like our heritage, 
Death may be treated as favorite
And pride to some people too! 

Carnival: An assembly to declare the glory of death...

You should attend at least once
When it's your turn; 
Or have you already attended? 
At those nights of secret dance
Of an invisible King's Carnival? 

Had you really attended as the one
And only invited guest?