The Rapture of love

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

Trembling sounds running through my head,
earth tremors hitting my knee caps
fire balls blasting right inside my heart,
terror all around me,
lighting bolts striking right through my chest cavity,
thunderous heart breaks causing me to lapse into a coma,
A fear creeping upon me like a dream of Revelations,
fear soaring through me like an eagle,
a ferocious roar like a lion,
all I see is a demonic dragon with seven heads,
puncturing my soul with twelve horns,
I feel doomed for eternity,
the rapture of my heart is about to unfold,
please come back to me my love,
don't let death be the final calling sound of the trumpet. 

A moment before collapsing,
God opened up my dark clouds that floated above my lame body,
and he let you come back to me like you an eagle in my sky,
you stayed in my heart like a snake on a hot rock,
you rid the roughness of fights with me like a unsinkable ship,
all there is now is the way of you and me.

Inspired by the Love I have for my wife and the bible chapters(revelations and Proverbs 30:18-19).