The Harmony of Life

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

The Harmony of Life (My Dream from May 30, 2013)

The silhouette of a mother
Against the silhouette of the heavenly Father

Quickly my eyes grew heavy
Ushered through a petition of prayer
“When you rapture your Bride, Lord, will I be caught 
Away in the clouds with you?”

First, I was shown a mother 
Much like myself
Holding a child
Playfully bouncing him upon her hip
Exchanging love through the language of laughter
The atmosphere was light
No clouds of worry cluttered the sky
Rainbows filled the orbits of their eyes

Then suddenly a new image came across the canvas
Mesmerized, I became the child and my heavenly Father
Was holding me upon His hip
Engaged in play
Without distractions
He was blissfully bouncing me upon His hip
I was His sheer delight as He was providing all my needs	

Then my heavenly Father reached behind 
As He held me in His arm
He showed me a golden loaf of bread
He broke a piece off
And placed it in my mouth