The Encounter

Written by: Betty Gail Wood-Rush

"Hey, you! C'mere!
Tell me what you're thinkin'."
A boy on the verge of manhood
Stepped over to the woman.
He looked so innocent
In his ragged jeans, white t-shirt,
And black, leather biker jacket.
"What do you mean,
What am I thinking?"
"What's goin' on in your head, boy?
What do you think?"
"Ok, I'll tell you what I think.
I think life can be good
If you let it be.
I think sex can be too complicated
And love too easy.
I think brown is the ugliest color
There is, was, or ever will be.
I think a '67 Stingray with
A T-top and five on the floor
Is the coolest car around,
But a '93 Metro is much more practical.
There must be some power higher than us
Because this world is too magnificent
To have happened by mistake.
I think the UT football team sucks this year
And Navy isn't doing much better,
But A&M and the Buckeyes are pretty good.
I'm in a good place inside myself,
And I think you're pretty neat yourself."
He stood there with the wind
Tossing his red hair.
She looked into those big green eyes
And grinned as she turned 
And walked away.
He yelled after her,
"Hey, you! What do you think?"
She turned and said,
"I think you'll turn out just fine."