If they ask me do i love you

Written by: Ren Barrera

I miss you 
Only on the days that end with 'Y'
The way the air smells of salt
and the twinkle in your eyes
How the sand feels between our toes
And the waves upon our heels
Our hearts beat so loud
I can hear it in my ears
And when the sun sets 
and the moon comes out 
I miss counting the stars 
While laying in your arms
My heart longs for you
Only when it beats 
And when you're near 
Is when I feel complete
My hands shake in excitment
When our fingers interlace
And my lips quiver 
When you caress my face
My breath shallows
as you sweep my hair behind my ear
I close my eyes in bliss 
As you kiss away my fears
I only miss you
With every waking breath
And till the end of time 
Is when my love for you will end