Shot Three Times

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Shot Three Times 
  Laying on my float enjoying the sunny day as I did so many times before yet 
today was going to change my life forever. 
As I lay there tanning in the nude; my pool secluded from all others I was 
enjoying the warmth of the sun, I had not a care in the world. 
I felt a bit of shade cover over me about the same time a noise caught my 
attention. Opening my eye's their standing over me beside the pool a stranger in 
a ski mask holding a gun. Frightened , I reached for my 40caliber pistol; I 
always kept under my towel beside the pools edge. This stranger somehow knew 
what was there and he stepped on it and shook his head. 
He motioned for me to get out of the pool and come inside the house. He having 
come from inside himself, how I did not know.  You see I live in a gated 
community with guards 24hr's a day. You can't come to my home without being 
announced either. My doors are always locked too. Yet this stranger had gotten 
inside my home, came out to the pool, and knew I would have a pistol beside me. 
He was to knowing and comfortable, I must know who he is. 
He motions for to to keep walking till I am between the kitchen and the living 
room. We came to a stop and I asked him what he want's. No answer just two loud 
shots. My chest is ripped open and blood is gushing out. The pain is searing and 
my blood is warm. I look at him as I am falling not knowing why and he does not 
even flinch. As I lay there a 3rd shot rings out. I have been shot in the back. 
I lay there gasping and watching as a pool of blood spreads out around my naked 
body. He nudges me with his foot and when he is certain I'm dead he leaves; out 
the front door! 
Now near death I summon every ounce of strength to drag myself to the phone and 
dial 911 and announce I've been shot and I'm bleeding to death. I wake up in the 
hospital having somehow survived my nightmare. Still I have no idea who it was 
or why. 
I went to the pound and bought a large black German Shepard I call Shadow. It's 
as if he knows something horrible has happened to me and stays close to me at 
all times. Shadow is my four legged guardian who watches over me. I know who 
ever did this to me is still out there and could come back at anytime. Next time 
they will not sneak up on me as Shadow stands watch and will let me know if 
something is amiss. I again lay in my pool with my four legged guardian standing 
Debbie Knapp