Enough To Curl Your Hair-

Written by: Carrie Richards

Well, I declare.....
I detest my claim to fame!
Without a doubt, it is my shame...
I cannot tame, my tangled mane!
Did you know....  my wayward hair does not play fair?
It's almost more than I can bear!

Well, now you know...It is my woe!
My locks will grow two feet a night!
My awful plight,.... this frightful sight
is not a joke, no laughing matter!

And if I stuff it, in a hat.....
it looks like rats have raised a litter!

When it's not tucked inside my hat...
the cat attacks, jumps up my back
and digs it's claws into the thatch!
It isn't easy, to detach, she makes her bed
and sleeps the night upon my head! 
It weighs a ton....and it's no fun
to keep my head upon my shoulders!

By afternoon my neck gets sore
it must be cut each day by 4:00
to keep from sweeping up the floor! 
Such a chore...that I abhor! 
I can't ignore my tangled locks
that strangle ankles and my socks!
And then I trip....and then I fall
and that's not all......but must not bore you any more!
        But could YOU handle locks like that???

For the "I Declare" Contest, sponsored by Judy Konos