A painful reason

Written by: Edward Orozco

I stand still, pausing only to realize the world does not I fall and weep, yet the sun sets and the moon rises The flowers bloom and whither away just as the peak in beauty Man ceases to be and dust only remains with his bones I close my eyes only to pretend I am someone or something Awaking only to realities that haunt my wrongful past Mistakes were made, some scared me to the depth of my soul As if I walk in no direction nor without purpose Will not the heavens open and cry rain one me Least the tounges of those whom hate me slap my dreams Only my shadow hears my silent tears, raw emotions that fade As our hearts scream, we silence out spirit and stand still Many point at us only to cover their wrongs from the light Nothing can hide in the dark when the light is present I love without being loved, I write to an absent soul I hear her voice every now and then yet it no longer shakes me What happend to the fire I ask, only to never know an answer Is my life to be but a painful image of the unknown Only when I die I will know this painful reason