Sleepless Nights

Written by: Dan Kearley

I've had quite a few of them days, those endless sleepless nights. Not because of stress or drugs, or loving couple fights. But something just happens when I turn out the lights, my mind won't shut down? It suddenly ignites In a flurry of different thoughts, Some new but yet some old. "You need to shut it down!" is what I have been told. "Think of closing a book" But as the story goes I'll just think of something else, like how many pages might have folds? My brain will not shut down! Though I continue to try. So many sleepless nights I've spent, checking the clock as time ticks by. All I can do is roll back over with a long disgusted sigh. Living with a brain that won't shut down, just makes me want to cry! There's something I haven't tried? Maybe I can cry myself to sleep? Now all I have to do is, think of something deep. Thinking deeper thoughts, of what will make me weep. Just another sleepless night, before I hear that alarm clock beep.
7-3-13 Contest: Sleepless Nights