The King of Talons....

Written by: Bob shank

^this poem was written for the above linked picture

Harken thy words unto thee
whilst Shakespeare set thine heart free
with tragic love and fantasy
lest thou forget reality

sweetness of breath
comes to those who inhale
while lingering death
belongs to souls of shale

remorse is a life unlived
as pierced hearts get shived
not by betrayal alone
nor feeble attempts to atone
but by those who spread the lies
of far fetched myths we despise

the talons of truth cut deep 
bearing hideous scars of the past
upon those who shall weep
when wisdom's shadow hath been cast

mirrors no longer hide
the little child inside
as caged owls are released
when fear becomes thy beast

go hither burdens of prey
for your wounds have been healed
fly, fly far away
while verse shall be thy shield

so sayeth the King of Talons....

Bob Shank-Nov. 8th, 2006