Gene kelly

Written by: Paula Swanson

Athletic grace and agility,
were his trademark style.
Energetic sensitivity,
That crooked little boy smile.

He commanded the stage while dancing,
setting the tempo.
Dramatic ballet choreography,
or a comedic roll.

He danced with leading ladies
and with Jerry the mouse.
He embraced the scenes with gusto,
as the villains, he would trounce.

A voice that soothed or dominated,
evoking joy or pain.
His songs would carry across the stage
or while singing in the rain.

As musicals faded from Hollywood,
his star never lost its shine.
I watch his movies every chance I get,
I smile every time.

I have shared him with my children,
watched there eyes take light.
Saw their reaction at his dancing,
I could feel their delight.

Gene Kelly will live forever,
On celluloid and discs.
No one will ever fill his shoes,
No one would dare to risk.

July 1, 2013
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