The Sensual Scent of Summer

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Coconut tropical oil 
Glistening on my skin
The scent intoxicates me
As I bask in the sun
And drink in the beauty
Of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea

It’s only for a short while
That I will lie here
And only because
I want to feel the power of the sun
As it makes love to my skin
Warming me and releasing
That summer scent

Soon I’ll dive into the water
Back to being "the dolphin"
The name I was given
For my prowess in the water
Swimming sets me free
I love the feel of my long black hair
Trailing in the water
Caressed by the gentle waves
I love driving in and out of the water
the feeling of total immersion
Of muted sound
Then slowly emerging
Head first
My breasts
I break through
The water trickling down

I lie back and float in the water
After a hand stand or two 
I need to let the sun
Kiss every possible inch of me
As the water buoys me up
Here I am not a foreign entity
A strange oddity
I am home
I feel strong, free
I own the water
I impress
As I glide along

Yet, now, for a few precious moments
I need to smell the scent of coconut
I run my hand along my legs
Gliding smoothly
I rub in the droplets of water
My hands find no resistence
I love the coarsness of the sand
against my lower legs
I wiggle my toes
My nail polish
Peeks through
Reminding me
How glad I am to be a WOMAN
A Woman

I love the beach
The water
The sand
The sun
The sky
The waves
The feelings that this moment evokes in me
Dreamy thoughts
Sensual thoughts
The need for gratification

The scent of coconut always
Sends me to this special place
Of freedom
And so……..
Coconut conditioner for my hair
Coconut cream for my hands
Coconut flakes for my porridge
Desiccated coconut in my chocolate
Coconut body oil
The scent of coconut
Drives me mad
It releases in me
Surges of confidence
In who I am
And what I can achieve
A woman glistening with 
the scent of love
And Fantasy
Poetry and dreams

You may laugh
And think,
“How superficial and silly
It’s just a scent”

But for me
It’s the scent of my womanhood
It’s the scent of my dreams
The scent of that “invincible summer”
In every winter day of my life
It is....the scent of me.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Sorry, but I didn't want to do too much editing on this one. I wanted it to wander, splish splash and be free, just like my thoughts on a summer day at the beach!

In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer- Albert Camus