Written by: Leonard Kleeman

Loss of a Mate
By Leonard Kleeman
The loss of a mate is a terrible thing, 
particularly when wed together for over 50 years.  
 You will miss your mate all the time
and for the rest of your life, no matter what happens.
It is like losing an arm or a leg. 
 It is no longer there but you miss it considerably.  
And there really is no replacement.  
Even if you get a prosthesis. 
 The limb is still missing and you feel it.  
The prosthesis helps but it is not the same.  
When you remove it the missing part becomes
apparent and you feel the deep emotion 
of having lost something forever.
It is physical and it is emotional and it is always on your mind
 no matter how it appears to others.
With the loss of a mate, 
a lifetime is lost and you know it, 
sense it, 
and will never forget it.  

The above is metaphorical concerning finding a companion after the loss of a spouse.  Children usually do not understand the meaning of companionship and the loneliness that occurs with that condition.  They have to understand that a companion is not a replacement of the one who has passed away.  The companion is a prosthesis for the soul.