Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

They say Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.How true this is.
I believe everyone who sees you sees the beauty in you.
But I see more than just the beauty.
I see you and just you.

Love comes in colours.I see Red,my colour and the colour of love.
Beauty comes in hues,your hue a glowing Ebony Black.
Beauty comes in height,yours is one so much admired.
Beauty comes in shapes,yours,what adorable physique.
Beauty comes in carriage,you've got such a gaity poise.

Beauty comes in Dental formation,you have such a snow-white glittering 
Beauty comes in the look of the eyes,yours the Sparckling of a clear bright crystal 
Beauty comes in the kind of Lips you've got,yours so succulent and so inviting for 
plantation of kisses.
Beautycomes in Strands of hair.Your hair cascading down your shoulders like 
water fall,framing your pretty face.
Beauty comes in your walk,yours the glide of a Queen.

Behold,you are my Queen,my Beauty Queen.
The one I see as the Epitome of Beauty.
My admiration for your love is all of the above and much more than I can put down 
in written words.