Shiva's fury

Written by: Varsha Tomar

  They said a visit to your shrine would pave an easy way to heaven;
Lord, little did I know once there I'd never return.

     Your fury and Your rage finally brought me to my righteous place;
for long we took for granted Your loving and beautiful face.

     On being born as humans we'd often gloat;
it now pains to see how like ants our dead bodies float.

     A mortal being at Your mercy begging You for peace;
what sacrifice shall I now make for You in order to appease?

     You loosened the waters and You blew the wind;
like messengers of death they turned cold and blind.

     At Your behest taking everything in their wake - our bodies and the trees;
amazing how even death can come with so much ease!

     Lord, now my soul will linger here for eternity;
in your peaceful abode I have found my sanctity.

     But if at all You shall give me another body, another face;
I promise You Lord I will find my way back to Your place.

     Once again for You to unleash Your fury,
and once again for my mortal being to be ravaged!

(Dedicated to Lord Shiva and the thousands of pilgrims who lost their lives in the floods in Uttarakhand, India)