Written by: Alfonce Choi

Many times when I was with you,
And even now ,when away from you,
I did say to you, how much I loved you,
And even now, I still do love you,
Even when you walk away from me,
I still do love you.

I can dictate my mind,
What to remember and what to forget,
But for my heart, I am helpless,
When it beats, it beats for you,
Whatever it keeps, in its deep shelves,
I know , it keeps my love for you.

You got into my life,
You infected me, with this love virus,
And the further you move from me,
The more its concentration grows,
Making my body fragile, with a broken heart,
But still, I don’t lament ,
If pain is all love offers, that’s all my pleasure.

I do not wish to know, if you still care,
But I wish to let you know, that I still do care,
I live for you, I care only for you,
It’s the only reason, why I can’t follow you,
For if this distance is happiness to you,
I gladly offer it to you, for you are all to me.

For I still love you.