Written by: Pace INK-U-SCRIPT

Thank you for your grace, your mercy and everlasting love Father. Thank
you for giving me the strength to endure another day. Forgive me
for my sins I've committed. I come to the
realization that day-to-day my eyes will
face temptations. I'm lured by the 
beauties of envy, greed, anger,
jealousy, lust and fornication.
Saved I am, though not
perfect; but with your
tools, I pray to
overcome my
sinful fixations.
Right over wrong
indeed I stand;
it's majority of the
wrong that over
powers the right in
most situations.
it's all apart of the
flesh's gravitation for
a craving appetite for 
sinful sensations. Spiritually,
I refuse to become stagnant; mimicking
the gestures of still waters while observing
nature's sin waltz about society in a circular
motion across the nation. Therefore, I will testify
and witness to the lost souls being an inspiration. And 
taking heed to the one and only literature as it's a form of migration. One
place to another place, from this place to a better place; my final destination...!