Lord Thanks for taking a close walk with me

Written by: Robert Walker

Father I stretch my hands to you, for you are the only  help I know
Seems all my old friend are now  my enemies,  and I’m hated every I go.
I feel before this time another  year,  I’ll be all alone,
And as everyone I know starts to disappear,  I feel I can’t do this on my own .

If thou withdrew yourself from me I’d be worst off than I am now
Yes I was once blind and now I can see but if you left me I would not know how
For you lead me not into temptation for so very  long 
And without you delivering me from evil  I fear my life would go so wrong.

The bible says the pure in heart are the ones that will see you 
And I know it would not say that if it were not to be  true
I’m asking you lord please do not pass me by for I really need your help
And I’m a man that’s not afraid to cry cause even Jesus whelped.

You say you’d wash away my sins and I’m going to continue to believe in that
For within you I’m suppose to have a friend and I’m praying that’s still a fact
I for one am a believer that you have the whole world in your hands
So thanks for taking a closer walk with me cause I’ve notice your footprints in the sand