Dead Reckoning

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

I can close my eyes and see it again
Caribbean blue of the ocean at dawn
Sailor old sailor, follow your dreams
Tears in your eyes as you keep moving on

As a wild young man I set out to sea
Lured by its' mysteries and charms
Hands on the helm, run with the wind
In search of a young woman's arms

She was a woman like none I had known
A lover, a sailor, a friend
Alone on deck, I gaze at the stars
I hear her voice in the wind

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to years
Sailing from port to port
Though I planned to return, it can never be
Life on the sea is so short

Following the stars, I've finally arrived
The lights of the harbor in sight
I know she'll be there as she always is
Haunting my dreams every night.