Written by: Lashawn Wilkins

I had a life
every  door  I opened
I found something great
a rubber-ball ,box of crayons
a fire truck, 
and a dollhouse, I had to duck 
I guess that's my luck
I found a skating board, a hotplate
a few now & laters I hadn't ate
it's not gold 
that shines
it doesn't have much value
but every door is always great ,when I'm getting what I like
when I'm not
it's always great
I decided to share this with a friend
my friend, to the end
 this is what I have
a goal
an unfinished plan
a Barbie with no a ken, for a man
so if everything's great
why are you up so late
because I have to dig deeper
“I've been having good luck”
I tried to drill in her 
so why haven't you settled 
because, it was only silver!!!