Genius Forsaken

Written by: Michael Smith

Days further plagued by deprival 
Evermore is as the numbing slumber
Inspirations with it, they are 
The fruits which wither
And the fish that writhes 
Withdrawn from what's vital
The waters of life 

Wells, they have passed; dry
Beyond the mark called shallow
So now dust alone must settle
Upon lips unquenched and parch
Animus, how I thirst for thee 
Thy touch arousing my thoughts
Out of sync, out of time; without heart

I yearn for kindle
Passions or worlds that I have once dreamed
Why now set a sky into starless 
Eyes wide open and nights so moonless, motionless
That I must befriend the coyote in routine
And feral rhymes of agonizing screams

Oh, Lord am I not thy vessel 
Why does thou forsaken 
The words which I write
Each verse, each line
Hold back thy divinity
The miracles of your poetry
It is the rushing pure water
Once genius to mine, simply mere mortal mind