Why wake

Written by: Lebo Bopalamo

Why wake when first takes fade to night
Why wake when days evade your plight
Don’t ask to rule when thrones you lost apply,
To things you wish, keenly brewing bright
Don’t say you know 
when the sun’s last chance arrives

Arrange your passions however you wish
And twist your eyes when they bewitch
Don’t ask of men to fashion a new breed
…the thought, of course, relies on me
Don’t look again 
as I slip and slip

In fact your rangy words subscribe
to bottled pride repacked and retooled inside
To every hint of light this way derived
the prospect of insightful sparks you blight
Don’t send me a word
if my memories from your words may die

Don’t sign a cloud with brownish words of clay
A cloud is seen worldly through light and rays 
Your words for clouds could thus retain 
a will to cast all light aside and rain
Don’t cry for two
when clouds rephrase your words and fade 
Don’t tell the truth
that saintly words of love unsaid remain