By woods, really deep...
for sprite--wood sprite, I peep!
willows, thorns… hands scratched,
pixie with willow, I yearned!
all through, jars, cans, big, small,
fairy to see, every lid:I pull to fall,
tears down, I hit something aaaah! an elf,
signs to follow, fear engulfs,
deep I walk, wow !my Audi version glide,
jumped on to the seat, elf-- by side
wow! lightning pace, clouds! I kiss clouds!
hugged elf, “love you”screamed I aloud,
“you crazy goose!” screamed my mom,
Jesus! was it a dream?

(Dream as said by my son)

23-06-2013////// for the contest "fantasy"

edited on 20-08-2013.
Submitted for the contest "Any poem,Any subject" by "Anne Currin"