The Forgotten

Written by: Robert Ball

Elderly people are living in poverty and mostly they are on a fixed income.
Their struggles abound, families breaking down, lonely they are stuck and every one they know is gone.
There are many people who care like In Home Service Providers, plenty of infirm on their lists with patients in need.
Programs that out of love do what they can, getting paid way below average they make sure of their patients welfare, and they do it with speed.

Lonely people with memories of better times when they had someone.
Now alone and afraid, their twilight years in sight, they reflect on what was and what is now, can’t change anything their lives are done.
Those who have love in their hearts visit them, spending a few hours, to make their lives a little better, those who really do care.
This is what the Lord is all about, love for others, it gives them something to cling to, a way to make their lives better so they can share.

Take the elderly Veterans out of love you’ll learn of a different time a different era, learn about the past.
It will bring you much joy, the knowledge of a forgotten era it truly will be for you a memory that will linger and last.
Our Savior Jesus tells “Us” to help the infirm elderly orphans and widows, to love one another like you want to be loved.
Love is given freely, the workers in this field do this for this reason not personal gain, and through them they show love to all, and even the forgotten are beloved.