The Token- Angel Contest

Written by: Eileen Manassian

I see you bent low
Your head in your hands
Tears dropping on the table cloth
The heavy sighs that no one can hear
Fill my ear
Even past the wall 
Between eternity and finite time
I hear
I see
Your guardian angel is near
My orders from the throne
To protect you from harm
To guard your steps

Yet...I see you have not walked 
For many an hour
You have been glued to that spot
Only knowing that your universe
Is caving in 
Forming a black hole
That is sucking in your soul

The decision is mine to make
I have no time to hesitate…
Overstep my bounds?
Or just hover and watch you drown?

The room fills with light
As I materialize
Hiding my wings
Not wanting to shock you
Not in your present state...
But you are too far gone to see
The gun on the table…ready
So, with one hand I touch your face
With the other under your grizzled chin
I make you look up at me….

Your eyes fill with wonder
You blink away the tears
Trying to focus
Trying to grasp the reality of me

Before you have time to question
I close my lips on  yours
And breathe into your mouth
The eternal qualities of heaven
Peace, joy, love and light….
A lingering kiss of life
The moment where heaven and earth collide
And I unfold my wings and envelope you
In a cocoon of heavenly wonder
I enfold you

I feel your strength returning
I will not let you fall
I have heard the unspoken call
Of your bleeding heart…

And as you reach your arms around me…
In that moment…I’m gone
Clothing myself with invisibility
Yet…. just as near
Unseen to your mortal eyes
But as real
As the erratic beating of your heart
I hover near
You exhale slowly
Your breath is on my cheek
The light dims
And you open your eyes
Wondering what delirium
Has come over you

Yet there….there in your hand
A token of the encounter
A white feather
That glimmers in the night

Against orders….
I will stand before the throne
And try to find the words to explain
This strange act...
I could not keep back
I had to guard your life
In the only way I knew how
In that unearthly moment in time

I will find the grace to answer
My reward… the look in your eyes
The radiance of your face
The knowing smile that reveals
You are worthy enough 
On a dark and hopeless night
To be kissed….
By the lips of an angel
A guardian angel of light

For Skat's Angel Contest