Emoticon's Epitaph

Written by: Timothy Hicks

I wonder if there is any hope for the human race,
when messages are sent with such half-hearted grace.
It's not enough to say you're happy, you have to paint a picture too.
"The sun is proudly shining, the sky is a joyous blue."
*insert smilie here*
Well I sure do appreciate
you making it crystal clear!
I would say what's on my mind,
but you see I have an appointment
with Captain Obvious.
Indeed I'd say words most unkind,
but instead why not this?


Greater than, colon, parenthesis.
I would cleverly jest with a laugh and a tease
though sad to say I just heard the bell.
You will have to settle for a weak LOL.
But like any other explosive fad
the Era of the Emoticon is sure to pass.
And when that day comes
I will gladly write it's epitaph:

With colon and parenthesis, I do declare
I'm in a much better place with the Man Upstairs.