A Journey Not Of One

Written by: Deb Wilson

The love that permeates my life is strong.
Feel it in every waking breath.
As I travel my path so far along.
There is no fear of living or of death.

Following my dreams is well encouraged.
All these loved ones stand right by my side.
They catch me when I fall or get discouraged.
I have lots of company on this ride!

Listening ears or arms that hold me tight.
These are just some gifts I have been given.
Luck and blessings are mine day and night.
All these things are free and they're love-driven.

This journey has been patched with ups and downs.
Yet through it all I've always been shown love.
My life's full of poets,dreamers,clowns.
And all of them were sent from heaven above.

for contest "Encouragement/Inspiration"