Sweet Seduction

Written by: Ravenn Wolf

The gentle voice of an angel 
whispers in my ear,
ragged and sensual
telling of promising erotic 
leaving me wanting for more
breath and increasing desire.

The voice of a horny angel
chants riveting lullabies 
casting a spell
drawing me nearer and nearer
as more breath escapes me.

Anymore and I'll combust 
silently exploding,
little by little
and then as the angel's voice
tickles my ear one last time,
I finish everywhere,
quietly, breathing harshly as 
he grins with a delightful
and plants a sweet kiss
upon my forehead.

Then bows and whispers once
more with that
enchanting ragged and sensual
voice of his saying
"That was fun"

Then the horny angel walked
away with such grace and
as I stared in astonishment left 
standing there
with a wet sex
and a brow filled with sweat
and harsh breathing.