Richard Burton - movie contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

He was of humble birth no 12 of 13 children
In a small place called pontyrhydyfen *
He had a voice you could listen too
Never mind watch him on screen

His love life was a well known fact
Marrying one a few times for sure
Elizabeth was his true love
But together it was war.

Had many roles as a star
The ones that I  prefer
Were his classical roles
Where his rich accent you could hear.

His reading of Dylan Thomas
Could make a grown  man cry
Under  Milk wood  was a joy
Browns Hotel the place to try

His last resting  place is not in his homeland
It is in Geneva Switzerland 
I don't think he wanted his last place
To be a shrine for all movie fans.

Born a poor soul, gained wealth though his  ability
to use his talents fully, his voice and his face, especially
His widow Sally said his body is in Geneva
His heart was forever in Wales

*pronounced.  Pont reader ven,

Richard Burton.

penned  20 June 2013