I Feel Like

Written by: Delphine Brandon

I feel like a bird whose wings have been clipped
Unable to fly, life has been ripped
I feel like a boy unable to sprint
Cause he lost his legs in an accident
I feel like a girl afraid to dance
Due to low self esteem she wont give it a chance
I feel like a man who lost his wife
Scared of loving again too afraid of life
I feel like a wife whose husband is gone
She doesn't know how to start over or how to move on
I often feel like I am floating on air
I don't want to come down, I like it up there
I often feel your presence near
I always knew that you were here
My faith in you has kept me grounded
A love like yours is quite unfounded 
No other mans love could ever measure
A love like yours I will always  treasure
I live, laugh and love as hard as I can
For tomorrow is not promised to me or any man.