Mother Natures Expectations

Written by: Charles Sides

Up high in Washington’s Cascade Mountains
Inside a log cabin surrounded by trees
Looking out the window next to my desk 
I’m mesmerized by the beauty I see

This window has a view of a small ridge
Where a mountain goat can sometimes be seen
Far off in the distance and much higher
The big snowcapped mountains glisten and sheen 

A tall tree growing next to the river
Still mostly green, but it’s dead at the top
That’s where the Osprey have a nest each year
Catch fish from the river to feed their crop

The deer often walk right by my window
Last year there were twins still wearing spots
An occasional black bear makes a visit
Red squirrels and chipmunks, I see a lot

These mountains I share with Mother Nature
Have convictions of what’s right and what’s wrong
We are the visitors, the intruders
Heed this warning before the beauty’s gone

Litter, pollute or destroy habitat
Is stealing from future generations
To preserve the beauty given to us
Let’s meet Mother Nature’s expectations