Written by: Braden Joseph

Heartbroken; not even a dim flame of delight.

A Window; my heart translucent, reflecting and fragile.

Breaking; veins of crevasses and etches within the glass.

Delicate; one nudge, one move, one gentle touch.

Shattered; exploding into various pieces, ruined.

Despair; falling into depression, darkness swallowing what was left.

Injured; cuts, wounds, and bruises...attempting to repair the fallen pieces.

Friends; unable to mend the broken glass.

Family; my own flesh and blood, unable to replace the shattered heart

Crush; attempting to fix with his own hands, yet unable to replace the irreplaceable

Flirt; taking interest, but unable to solve this very flawed puzzle

Love; never been fixable, but where it used to be, is where his heart now lies.