Blinded by tears or ignorance

Written by: Bob shank

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thoughts of emotional detachment
yet I'm so happy that I cried
how selfish of me
to take joy in sadness

their eyes filled with hope
the sparkle fading fast
like yesterdays dream of bread
or of a loving hug
maybe even a warm bed

there's salt in tears
but no food to spice
only open wounds
upon the souls of mankind
how can we be so blind

do tears cloud your vision as well.....

How can we live with the knowledge that conditions like this exist, while we argue 
about what is fair and what is not fair, while we force our philosophies upon other 
countries and when they don't "toe the line" we declare war under the guise of 
american freedom being in jeopardy....when you look at the above picture, please 
notice the sparkle in their eyes, the hope or dreams of an imaginary piece of 
bread that will never come, the sparkle is fading fast, and as you go to sleep 
tonight, the picture like the children themselves will just be a memory cast aside 
because we are far too caught up in our own lives to worry about such things....

Today was the first day I've openly cried in 17 years other than in verse, and it felt 
good because it let me know that I was human and yet I felt selfish to find joy in 
such sadness.......

Studies continue to focus on obesity in this country, yet how many studies are 
done about the rest of the world that starves?....Biafra has nothing that we need, 
except the sparkle and even that is only temporary.....Peace