All that a Mother can be

Written by: Susan Berg

Most kids aren't as lucky to have a mom like me, 
One who kissed all their “owies” and bandaged their knees. 
One who bakes the best cookies for no special reason,
And whose cheerful smiles never go out of season. 

She always remembers important dates and things, 
And if you forget, friendly reminders she brings. 
A stronger work ethic no one possesses. 
She never tires and only rarely stresses. 
She’s at every game always cheering you on.   
A better rooting section? You’ll never find one! 

Mom, you’re the greatest gift in my life, this is true,
And I am so very grateful God blessed me with you.
So, a million “thank you’s” for being the best mom, 
And for always being there even when we did wrong.

I know it wasn’t easy raising my brothers and me,
But thanks for showing us… 
All that a mother can be!