We Forget


At times we forget all life has given us
we cry and complain and make a fuss
I'll bet the good outweighs the bad
but we walk around and complain so sad
Never name the good in our life
complaining is both husband and wife
A sister and brother fight every day
you cannot take back things you say
A mother and father scream at a kid
he sits and cries asks what he did
So now I sit and I wonder just why
instead of a smile its a tear in his eye
Have our hearts grown this cold
maybe were getting to old
Have we forgot how to show love
do we all need a good shove
Instead of just guessing
lets count our blessing
Take a good look around
look what you found
Love surrounds you each day
so keep your complaints at bay
Show love to them all
and you'll always walk tall

Carolann Crowley   6/16/13