Ancient Castle Walls

Written by: Melody Coster

Mighty fortresses once proudly stood
where now only crumbling walls remain,
shadows of their ancient past
as home and hearth and warrior stronghold.
Ancient battles once fought to protect those
within these very walls ... are no more.
Faint echoes of wars long since silenced
can be heard only by those with a warriors blood
flowing forever through their veins
and a warriors heart beating
deep within their chest.
Lives freely given and savagely taken
without fear ... brave souls one and all.
With sword and shield raised to the heavens
the lone pipers mournful sounds heard on the winds
the warriors call to battle given and thus accepted.
Ancient crumbling walls left standing,
once stained red with blood now faded
are, to this day, all that remain
as mute testimony to their hallowed memory.