Lion and Lamb

Written by: Elizabeth Pedroza

A Lion who was beaten and 
A Lamb who was neglected and 
Both alone in the world, felt like 
it would be for forever.
Little did they know they would 
end up together.

The Lion cared for and 
protected the lamb.
Even though he was scared it 
was a sham.
The Lamb gave compassion and 
cared for the Lion.
Both hearts no longer felt like 
they were dying.

They fell in Love hard and fast.
Yet, wondering how long they 
would last.
Little did they know they would 
be together forever.
For their protection and Love 
could never be severed.

The Lion learned their Love 
wasn't a sham.
For all of the proof came from 
the Lamb.
The Lamb only had been shown 
Had never been treated so 
close to perfect.

Bickering now and again, here 
and there.
But it will never destroy the 
Love they share.
For their hearts have now been 
And True Love had finally been