Written by: Mich Elle

in the middle of the night,
i am here,
sat at the center of my bed,
where both of my hand lift close to my forehead.
i kneel down,
not because today is Sunday,
not because of the divine that I whisper,
but I am lost,
in my sins of ungratefulness,
in the world that I created,
I am lost.
and my tears drop.
I feel the warmness of my feelings,
the pain that i behold
and I am lost.
To the Lord,
I ask,
to put me in a cage,
where I am surrounded with strong,
where I am cuddling with brightness,
where I am crawling with rationality
and those tears drop heavily,
until I realized that I am not alone,
where I thought that I am lost,
I said Amen at the end of my burden,
I said Amen at the end of my prayer,
to Lord that always heard,
to Lord that always there,
so I will never feel the loneliness,
in this sphere of greediness .