Red Rose Rise - Tales Of The Fallen

Written by: uniC CJonr

Linear, by the way you think, smells the breath, tasteless, by the way you talk. Blood brings not only life, but closer to the steps into death, behind my back is fitted, your beloved knife. Surrounded I am, excluded by division, I multiply my suicide without sincere attractions. Black is my night, blacker to my grey of day, the ones I hate, the ones added to the sum of all my fears, none ends with any happy tears. I see no rainbow in the skies, burn only the dragon with the fiery eyes, I am committed to my addiction, why be the spy that shies. I believe what you believe to whatever you believe, do you here me cry, before my lies I have said my farewell, that does mean goodbye. What waits for eye, is not the sight I will sell a bat, the broken gates to hell. Punishment will be, punishment will learn to see, if by chance the thought of giving, broken I will be, damaged I will heal,I will feel, I will bleed. Indirectly, your worst maiden to a mistake, let me rise immortal on any land, understand, my hate will not be painted black. I am a bleeder, I will walk in blood, and forever, will never be long enough. Red Rose Rise, I will wake alone, prepared, on the land of the Slayer. Death will feel the anatomy of my breath, north to south and east to west, killing is after fall, what I do best. Fear, is my only quest, and yes, I 2, have failed the test.