Dedicated To P D

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

Poet Destroyer and theKidster, SillyBilly
were once slamming opponents on this soup of poetry.
I would slam her initially,
then she would slam me (very poorly).
I would always concede eventually
but not because P D truly crushed me.
I was just acting compassionately humanly.
I didn't want to cause her to cry like a little big baby.
I must however give credit to little P D.
She had multiple accounts at this soup of poetry
and one of her multiple personalities
would conspire with me on how to crush P D.
Little did I know I was conversing with she.
Pretty ingenious if you ask me.
I'm getting off track and referring to her kindly.
That's not how a true slam is supposed to be.

Dedicated to Linda, aka SKAT, aka Poet Destroyer, aka P D,....
.....who the hell really knows with all of her identities? ?
Best Wishes Always to you from me.
Your retired slamming nemesis,
theKidster, SillyBilly